Monday, March 14, 2016

[DEM] Ave's Ash'Abah 2.0

Update news Version 2.0:

  • remodel everything for Eve body (every item can be used with Eve and Lilith)
  • add clothing addons for the cold regions of Skyrim (hood, cuirass)
  • add some special arrows for the regular version
  • optimized textures and meshes
  • fixed some bolt CTD bugs
  • add 100% cooler footstep sounds



This Armor is designed for a dual wield/archer character and can be used no matter at wich level your character is.
The Weapons can be upgraded to new more powerfull versions (steel, orichalcum, ebony, daedric) as well as the arrows and bolts.

It contains Armor/Weapon Set in 3 different color types (ebony, steel and quicksilver (nordic)):

  • Scimitar (1h sword)
  • Dagger
  • Arrows
  • Bolts
  • Armor, split in several parts :
    • Belt (Clothing)
    • Boots (Clothing)
    • Cape (Clothing)
    • Pants (Clothing)
    • Corset (Winter Clothing)
    • Hood (Winter Clothing)
    • Arm Protectors (Armor heavy/light)
    • Cuirass (Armor heavy/light)
    • Cuirass + Corset (Winter Armor heavy/light)
    • Leg Protectors (Armor heavy/light)
    • Shoulder Plates (Armor heavy/light)

Crafting Details:

  • no perk: Boots, pants, belt and cape
  • steel: Cuirass, steel arrows, bolts & weapons
  • Orcish: Arm Protector, orichalcum arrows, bolts & weapons
  • Ebony: Leg Protector, ebony arrows, bolts & weapons
  • Daedric: Shoulder Plates, daedric arrows, bolts & weapons
  • after Ancient Technology Quest: enchanted Bolts (fire, frost and shock for all material versions)
Temper Note for Armors:
To temper a armor part, the smithing perk is required, because they use different Armor Materials (for 'full set' perk bonus)

  • Steel = Steel smithing
  • Quicksilver = Advanced Armors
  • Ebony = Ebony smithing

File Versions:

There are two different file versions:

  1. regular version
  2. Skyrim Redone version
Only use one version at the same time!

Regular Version

  • regular Skyrim armor/damage values, use this version if you don't have Skyrim Redone.
upgradable Arrows/Bolts
Note: you need 10 arrows/bolts which you want to upgrade in your inventory to see the option in the forge menu!

  • Lightsource Arrow/Bolt - Alchemy >= 25 (steel only)
  • Enchanted Arrow/Bolt (fire, frost and shock) - Enchanting >= 50 (Arrow) / after Ancient Technology Quest (Bolts)

Skyrim Redone Version

  • skyrim redone armor and damage values
  • clothing parts (boots, belt, pants, cape, corsett) are dreamclothes
  • the Sword is a scimitar
  • the dagger is still a dagger
  • the arrows and bolts need a longer description:
There are many different options for arrows and bolts in skyrim redone, so I adjust my arrows/bolts to give them more impression. Like adding little alchemy bottles to the arrowhead, add a rope to the quiver and so on. All of them are available for all 3 quiver colores.

special Arrows/Bolts
  • Rope Arrow/Bolt - Thief’s Toolbox I, Sneak Tree (steel weapon material)
  • Noisemaker Arrow/Bolt - Thief’s Toolbox I, Sneak Tree (orichalcum weapon material
  • Lightsource Arrow/Bolt - Thief’s Toolbox I, Sneak Tree (steel weapon material)
  • Oil Arrow/Bolt - Thief’s Toolbox II, Sneak Tree (steel weapon material)
upgradable Arrows/Bolts
Note: you need 10 arrows/bolts which you want to upgrade in your inventory to see the option in the forge menu! (made this because if you can craft them all, you're going to have a overload in the forge menu)
these versions are available for all material types (steel, orichalcum, ebony and daedric)
  • Explosive Arrow/Bolt - Fuse Perk, Alchemy Tree
  • Timebomb Arrow/Bolt - Advanced Explosives, Alchemy Tree
  • Enchanted Arrow/Bolt (fire, frost and shock) - Elemental Bombard I, Enchanting Tree
  • Neuralgia Arrow/Bolt - Elemental Bombard II, Enchanting Tree
  • Barbed Arrow/Bolt - Advanced Missilecraft II, Marksman Tree (Bolts), Blacksmith III, Smithing Tree (Arrows)
  • special enchanted 'dwemer' Bolts craftable after the Ancient Technology Quest at the dawnguard forge.


  • wait, I fixed that
  • people that whine when they see some skin

Known Issues or Bugs

  • sword clip through the arrows, like every sword/arrow compination I ever used for demonica, depents on the idle animations I'm using I suppose


  • GSBmodders for creating Vampirella
  • jojjo for creating Drake Knight Armor
  • Krista for creating Demonica
  • kurese for creating R18PN 04
  • Stroti for creating Strotis usable alchemy clutter
  • Min for creating DD (used for footstep sounds)
  • Walx for creating RealSwords Dunmer
  • the entire modding community for being awesome.


You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of
this mod.
Please send me a Mail/PM if you want access to this file. Gdrive requests end up unread in my bin, thanks.


  1. And she looks marvelous wearing it. I really the idea of full compatibility between Lilith and Eva. No bugs so far after 5 hours in game.

    1. Thank you for the commendation, good to hear that everything is working.
      I made them for both because it is hard enough to find armor mods for Demonica, so people don't have to choose between eve and lilith. And simply because I want to use it with eve ;)


  2. Thanks a lot for your awesome work!

  3. При скачке 2,0,7 архивы оказываются битыми.

    1. You need 2 files:
      DEM Aves Ashabah v2.0.7z.001 +
      DEM Aves Ashabah v2.0.7z.002
      Then use 7zip ( to unpack.
      I hope that solves this problem.


  4. И тем и другим архиватором открывал,1 архив скачивается даже без расширения.Просто,как файл не понятно,чем открываемый,2 ой скачивается,как winrar,но не им не 7zip не открывается.

  5. Вы можете предоставить доступ пожалуйста. Нужно для скачивания.