[DEM] Divine Jewelry [5€] [SLE/SSE]

  • TES V: Skyrim v1.9 or higher
  • DLC: Dawnguard
  • DLC: Dragonborn
  • MOD: Demonica 2.1.1 or higher
  • TES V: Skyrim SE v1.5.39 or higher
  • DLC: Dawnguard
  • DLC: Dragonborn
  • MOD: Demonica 2.4.0 or higher


this mod aims to make the Amulets of the Divines playable for Demonica Race (Lilith and Eve). The Models are completely remade, but I tried to keep the spirit of them.
Besides that, it adds Earrings, a Ring, and a Belly Piercing. These items can be found in small jewelry boxes near a shrine of the divine. This is a perfect occasion to start your pilgrimage. Note: you will not find a jewelry box at every shrine.

Version 1.0 contains only:
  • Arkay Jewelry Set
  • Mara Jewelry Set
  • Talos Jewelry Set
  • Julianos Jewelry Set
The versions of the other Divines will be added later when they're finished. But that might take time.


  • The more items you wear the stronger is the enchantment effect of the Amulet (set bonus)
  • all items can be enchanted in-game, except the Amulet
  • Ring show up on the right-hand ring-finger and use Slot 57
  • Belly Piercing use Slot 36
  • Earrings use Slot 43

Arkay Shrine locations

Arkay Jewelry Set

Mara Shrine locations sadly I didn't find enough Shrines in the Wilderness so I decide to place a Shrine at Gjukar's Monument

Mara Jewelry Set


Talos Jewelry Set


Julianos Jewelry Set


mods wich edit the Amulets of the nine divines in any way. If you find any and want to use it aside with this mod, you can always contact me and I see if I can create a patch for it.

Known Issues or Bugs:

Rings are invisible in first person.


  • Krista for creating Demonica


Re-packaging, uploading or sharing any part of this mod is strictly prohibited.


the Data files with meshes and textures are only available for everybody who donated 5€, please use the following button, and I will contact and provide you access to the files.
Make sure to share your email address during the checkout, otherwise, I'm unable to contact you. 

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