Monday, March 14, 2016

[DEM] Ave's Ash'Abah 2.0

Update news Version 2.0:

  • remodel everything for Eve body (every item can be used with Eve and Lilith)
  • add clothing addons for the cold regions of Skyrim (hood, cuirass)
  • add some special arrows for the regular version
  • optimized textures and meshes
  • fixed some bolt CTD bugs
  • add 100% cooler footstep sounds

Ave's Ash'Abah 2.0 Weapons

This mod is for User that don't have the Demonica Mod but want to use the Weapon, Arrows and Bolts of my [DEM] Ave's Ash'Abah mod.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Monday, March 7, 2016

[DEM] Cosmetic

Selection of mods that change or add more cosmetic options for Demonica Race.

[DEM] Warpaints

add most of the vanilla Warpaints to the Demonica Race, 59 Warpaints in the 23 regular vanilla colores.
Also 8 custom made Warpaints. Just look at the screen.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Beta Test: Ash'Abah

Currently I work on a update for my Ash'Abah Armor mod. The main part of the update is to make every armor asset avalible for Demonica Eve.
However since I update it anyway I decide do add some, more or less, warm optional clothes to it, here some screens that I made during the beta test:

[DEM] Jewelry v2.0

Update News Version 2.0: 

  • Ring (right hand) for Dibella Set
  • 4 new Earring Models = 28 new Earrings

Oblivion Mods

All my mods can be found here, most of them don't get their own post (e.g. oblivion mods) but I think it is worth to mention them. Here some screens: