Sunday, July 22, 2018

Update News #03

Just a small announcement for my upcoming new mod

I've been working on this outfit for quite a while now, I think I started about 8 months ago. A small part of it was already released in Skyring. But only the rings and not for demonica characters. Bad news for users of the Lilith Body: I`m not sure if I going to port it over, currently there will be only a version for Eve, sorry.
Currently, the modeling/texturing part is finished, all I have to do is put everything together in a esp file.

Like most of my other mods this outfit is very modular because I like the option to mix different outfits in my game, I know some people may dislike it, but there are several items, like the belly chain for instance, which will also be suitable aside with other clothes.

The Outfit comes in three different versions: Ebony, Gold, and Bronze all of them contain:

  • a circlet (also equitable for Lilith)
  • two different pairs of Earrings to choose from (also equitable for Lilith)
  • a Necklace
  • a top and a bra (both can be equipped at the same time)
  • three belly piercings to choose from
  • two belly chains (I know you guys loved the one from Dibella Priestess)
  • a Panty and a Skirt (both are equitable at the same time)
  • one pair of bracelets
  • one pair of anklets
  • seven rings for seven fingers (from my Skyring mod, they are fully compatible with all my other mods which contain rings)
  • a pair of heels

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