Tuesday, July 26, 2016

[DEM] Necrotica v2.1

Update News Version 2.1:

  • changed metal and gem textures
  • add High heel footstep sounds
  • added Necromantic themed Jewelry:
  1. three Rings (left-hand thumb and pointing finger and right-hand middle finger) note for users of my jewelry mod: the rings use different slots than the rings in that mod, you can use them all together
  2. Amulet
  3. Nose Piercing
  4. Belly Piercing
  5. Earrings


add a craftable necromancer styled dress to the game with shoes, cape, gloves, stocking, hood, two dresses (long and short skirt) and some jewelry, you can find them in the forge under 'Demonica-Lilith'.
there are two versions one with Quicksilver, Amethyst, dark bones and purple design
and one with Ebony, Emerald, light bones and green design.

There are two different versions:

  • DEM Necrotica.esp, the normal version
  • DEM NecroticaSkyRe.esp, for Skyrim Redone users

Only use one esp at the same time! Do I really have to say this?

Skyrim Redone Version:

The Skyrim Redone version requires T3nd0s Skyrim Redone

  • Cape, Gloves and Dress are Dreamclothes (better enchantments, some perks in magic Perk Trees are more useful)
  • Weaving Mill Perk (smithing) is required to craft the Dress items
  • Harvest Perk (conjuration) is required to collect the bones to create the Dress
  • Tradecraft Perk (smithing) is required for the Jewelry


  • Cape use slot 44
  • Stocking use slot 46
  • left Ring (pointing-finger) use slot 54
  • left Ring (Thumb) use Slot 61
  • right Ring (middle-finger) use Slot 56
  • Nose Piercing use Slot 55

Known Issues or Bugs

  • The long skirt (Lilith only) got some clipping during walk animations especially in the lower part of the skirt. That's because the Demonica skeleton doesn't support long skirts. Using the stockings at the same time make it less irritating. If that is not your cup of tea, don't drink it, or use the mini dress.
  • The Stockings use the Demonica high-heel system, so if you only equip them without shoes it looks a little irritating, cause the character walks tiptoe (the other option was to have the lower part clip trough the foot and ground)
  • Rings I: right hand middle finger Ring, and left pointing finger Ring are not show up in first person mode, because these slots are not enabled for first person view in the Demonica races, and because editing it may cause issues with other mods I didn't do that, but I add a picture tutorial in the file, for doing it yourself (it is some clicks in Creation Kit)
  • Rings II: Rings are shop up incorrect on Lilith for other people, no idea why. If you don't like it don't use the rings for Lilith.
  • Nose Pircing: may is too far away or too close different nose settings

Optional Downloads:

  • Modders Resources to recolor the colored parts of the dress (if you prefer another color than the purple and green version)
  • 4k texture pack, oh yeah, for the bones and dress textures (the bone were scaled down to 2k the dress is not scaled it just looks more 'coarse' or 'rough', don't know what's the right word to explain it, just see pic below, 2k left 4k right)


  • Krista for creating Demonica [Lilith] and Lady Victoria Secret
  • GSBmodders for creating Demonika HGEC
  • BayouBilly for creating Yggdrasill
  • Alecu for creating Elegant Dress
  • Min for creating DD (used for footstep sounds)

You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of
this mod.


From now on all my files are only available for people I know, please add a notice to the access request, so I can identify you better, thanks.


  1. Ох-ох... Надеюсь я смогу скачать новую красоту... :'(
    Oh-Oh... I Hope I will be able to download the new beauty... :'(

    P. S. sorry for my terrible English. I use a translator.

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  3. Thank you for your fashion

    I hope I will be able to download

  4. Ого, классно. привет дружище. а как сие чудесную работу. опробовать то. так все выглядет супер. вроде запрос пощел-к вам. буду очень признателен.

  5. Привет, супер, жду ответа, чтоб примерить эту красоту на Ггшку.

  6. Bitte Sie um Freigabe für Ihre Mods

  7. Hi, I know you've had some bad experiences with theft and such but I'm new to the Demonica race and so far I've loved every single moment of it. And I would like to download your mods to. I only want to use it for private use and such :)

  8. Hello! Awesome fashion, I so want to see them on my eve. May I have them just for private gaming and screens?

  9. Hello
    My name is Zbyszek, Mod I will use it only for private and only for me. I'm not modders, I only player.
    I would like to have possibility to download this mode.
    regards from Poland

    1. Hey Zbyszek,
      thanks for your comment, could you please send me a mail via the contact app on the right?


    2. I have sent. I hope correct way :)

  10. I hope I can access the download (T_T)

  11. hey Ave

    I like the demonica race because the graphics texture it comes with. I have long searched for something similar to the armor Necrotica you have made and I hope you will give me access to use

  12. Thank you very much for your work Ave 👍

  13. hello Ave! i dont know if there is any chance that you will share your mod because you wrote that you will only do it with people you know, but could you please ? i'll use only for my game. even if u won't, those are very beautiful! (sorry for my english)

  14. Hello ave if there is a chance I would hope to download these mods for Demonica