Sunday, May 28, 2017

Update News #01: Garridan's Tears, Dibella Priestess

Been quite a while since my last post. I need some time for myself to think about what to do with my mods and this blog.
I'm going to created mods anyways because I like doing it. But it is maybe unfair for honest people to never get the chance to have them for themselves.
So I continue, but still on request only.

 As some of you already notice I update my mods from time to time, sometimes just little improvements (textures, bug fixes) sometimes huge updates by adding more assets.
Until today I just created a completely new post wich I dislike, because it is confusing.

That's why I changed the layout a little bit. On the right side are now static links to my mod pages.
So I have more space to create posts about current development and other stuff.

About requests:

Like I mentioned already, please send me a mail/pm. Gdrive requests end up unread in my bin. First I answered all of them but mostly I never get a reply so I thought it is up to you to request access properly.

New Mods/Updates:

  • Dibella Priestess version 2.0 is up now, not a big update, I just changed the metal textures, they are now extra sparkling and shiny.
  • Garridan's Tears Jewelry Set version 1.0: mysterious Jewelry set if you are smart and brave enough to find it.



  1. Good afternoon. I really like your modifications for Demonics. Do not count for arrogance, but can I be authorized to download your mods without spreading to other resources. Thank you in advance.
    For my English, I apologize, I wrote with the help of an interpreter.

    1. Greetings,
      not sure if You send me a mail, could you please send me another one?
      thanks in advance.

      cheers. ave